How to Install Game Maker Studio on Linux: A Detailed Guide


Game Maker Studio is a well-known game development software that lets users create and publish games on various platforms which includes Linux. We’ll give an in-depth guideline for installing Game Maker Studio on a Linux operating system.

Step 1 Step 1: Get Game Maker Studio installer. Game Maker Studio installer

In order to install Game Maker Studio on Linux You’ll need first get first the Game Maker Studio installer. The installer can be downloaded on the Game Maker Studio website. After downloading is complete you can move the installer to the folder on your computer that you would like to download Game Maker Studio.

Step 2: Install dependencies

Before installing Game Maker Studio, you’ll require installing a few prerequisites that will allow the program to function within the Linux system. These dependencies comprise GTK+3, ALSA, and the libasound2. In order to install the dependencies, you need to open your terminal and type in one of the commands below:

sudo install apt-get Gtk+3

sudo the following: apt-get install audio-device libasound2-dev

sudo the following: apt-get install audio2 libasound2.

Step 3: Install Game Maker Studio

After you’ve installed the required dependencies, it’s time to download Game Maker Studio. To begin the installation process start the terminal and go to the directory in which Game Maker Studio’s installer is. Once you’re in the right directory, type this command in order to begin the installation process:


It will then launch it to launch the Game Maker Studio installer. Follow the on-screen directions to finish the installation.

Step 4: Launch Game Maker Studio

Once the installation is completed after which you’ll be able begin using Game Maker Studio from the menu of the application or by using”GameMaker” or the “GameMaker” command in the terminal. When you start Game Maker Studio for the first time, you’ll be required input your registration code (if you already have one) or register an account.

Step 5: Configure Game Maker Studio

Once you’ve started Game Maker Studio, you’ll be able configure the software according to your preferences. Within the “Preferences” menu, you can alter settings like the color scheme, font size and layout of windows. You can install additional extensions or plugins through within the “Extensions” menu to add new functions and features for Game Maker Studio.


Installation of Game Maker Studio on a Linux operating system is an easy procedure that takes only two steps. If you follow the steps outlined in this article it will be possible to install quickly and set up Game Maker Studio on your Linux system. After it’s installed, you can begin developing and publishing games on different platforms.


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