How to Open DB Files on Android: A Step-by-Step Guide


An DB File is database file that can be used by Android devices to keep data in a format that is structured. These files are commonly utilized to store information like messages, contacts as well as information from apps. If you’ve got an DB files on your Android device and wish to gain access to the information it contains, you’ll have to be aware of the best way to get it open. In this article, we’ll offer the step-by-step instructions of how you can open DB documents on Android.

Step 1: Download a DB File Viewer

The first thing you’ll have to download is an DB file viewer program. There are many options through the Google Play Store, such as SQLite Viewer, SQLite Browser, SQLite along with SQLite Manager. These applications allow you to examine and modify the contents of the DB file.

Step 2: Transfer the DB File to Your Android Device

The next step is to then transfer your DB files to an Android smartphone. There are many methods to do this, depending on the location where the file is kept. In the event that the files are stored on your computer, you could transfer it to an Android device by using the USB cable, or upload it to cloud storage before downloading the file onto your device. In the event that your file exists stored on another Android device then you can transfer it via Bluetooth or by moving files to an shared folder in cloud storage services.

Step 3: Open the DB File Viewer App

After you’ve got an installed DB file viewer application running and you have the DB file has been transferred onto your Android device It’s time to launch the application. Find the application on your device and then tap it to start it.

Step 4: Import the DB File

If your DB file viewer application is running, you’ll need for you to transfer your DB file. The process may differ based on the application that you’re using. However, usually you’ll need to tap on an “File” or “Import” button, and proceed to navigate the folder in which your DB file is saved within your system. Choose the file and click “Open” to import it into the application.

Step 5: View the Contents of the DB File

After the DB file is transferred, you’ll be able to browse the contents. The majority of DB application for viewing files will let you look through the tables and information contained within the file, and also execute SQL queries to find specific data. It is also possible to make use of the program to save the data as an CSV or Excel file if you would like to access the data on your computer.

Tips to work on DB Files on Android:

  • Check that you have the proper permissions You should be aware that some DB files might be protected by the permissions system of Android, so you’ll need to give your DB file viewer application permission to access the file. To make this happen, visit your device’s Settings > Applications > [DB File Viewer App> Permissions and ensure sure that the “Storage” permission is enabled.
  • Backup your DB files: Prior to making any modifications to an DB document, it’s recommended to create an backup copy in the event that anything goes wrong. This allows that you restore your file back to its original format if needed.
  • Take care when making edits to DB documents: DB files contain important information, and making any changes to them may create issues for your device or application. Be aware when making modifications, and be sure you back up your backup copies prior to making any modifications.


Opening the DB files on Android is an easy procedure, provided that you are equipped with the appropriate devices and adhere to the instructions carefully. Utilizing the DB file viewer by following these steps laid out in the article you’ll be capable of accessing the data stored in the DB document on an Android device.


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